Gorilla Tubs®

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The Micro Gorilla Tub® is the smallest flexible tub in our Gorilla Tub® Range. The Micro Tub is the perfect addition to your home, garden, stable or garage. You can use them for everything; storage, planting, organising. The list of possibilities are endless.

'Use them for everything!'

Gorilla Tubs®

www.redgorilla.red  |  sales@redgorilla.red  |  01455 848184

Micro Gorilla Tubs®

Introducing the New Micro Gorilla Tub® Pack to fit all your needs.

Easy Storage

Micro Gorilla tubs® are the perfect addition to any home. They're great for storage! Organise your home in a bright and colourful way from a range of 6 colours. Short on storage? Reduce space by stacking your Micros.

Spruce up your garden with our Recyclable Micro Gorilla Tubs®, the perfect planters for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Our adorable Micros are a great way for kids to get creative. Personalise your Micro and have fun!

Perfect Planters

Store your fresh fruit and vegetables with the Micro Gorilla Tub® Pack. With our Micro Gorilla Tubs®, you can ensure efficient use of space in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Your Micros are food safe and easy clean; safe to use in the fridge and freezer.

Reusable Container

The possibilities are endless with our Micro Gorilla Tub® Pack. From home to garden, storage to planters. Our Micro Gorilla Tubs® are designed for all your needs.

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Use Them For Everything





Available in 6 core colours that match our entire range.

Our coloured Gorilla Tubs® are 100% recyclable.

Our coloured Gorilla Tubs® are food safe and pet safe.

Gorilla Tubs® were the first flexible tub ever made. Lightweight and easy.


All you need is 

Gorilla Tubs®

All you need is 

Gorilla Tubs®

Introducing the New Micro Gorilla Tub® Pack to fit all your needs.